Social Impact

We believe empowering women transforms the world one community at a time. That’s why 96% of our 500+ producers are women. By providing women artisans with skill training and income opportunities, we are able to help transform cycles of poverty into cycles of prosperity.

Empowering women Artisans

Opportunities & Education

Prosperity & Wellness

Our Social Impact System

Connecting Rural Communities to Global Markets

Opportunities & Education

We believe in empowering not just artisans, but their families. We provide artisans with skill trainings and income opportunities and children with opportunities to learn and grow. While only 4/6 Guatemalan children go to school, 9/10 children go to school. That’s 75% more than the national average! We also grant an average of 130 scholarships each year to children within the network.

Prosperity & Wellness

We believe each person deserves the opportunity to prosper and make their dreams a reality. 44% of’s artisan families have been able to improve their homes. Healthy homes equal healthy children. That is why 60% of children have improved their nutritional status.


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